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Damon Braces – Roswell, GA

Less is More

Woman with Damon Braces

Advancements in technology keep changing the way dentists and orthodontists alike treat teeth. Naturally, Pop Braces is no exception; Dr. Podray-Donovan has gone above and beyond in keeping up with the latest techniques to bring her patients faster, more comfortable care. Damon braces are a key example. Compared to traditional braces, they can adjust the teeth in less time with less force, and they can even reduce the amount of time you spend in our orthodontic office for adjustment appointments. The ultimate result is that the road to a dazzling smile becomes much, much shorter! If you think you or your child could benefit from Damon braces from our Roswell, GA orthodontist, call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Why Choose Pop Braces for Damon Braces?

  • Image-Friendly Yet Highly Effective Treatments
  • Orthodontic Care That is Completely Customized
  • Insurance Accepted, Interest-Free Financing

What Are
Damon Braces?

Animated Damon Braces bracket

Unlike traditional metal braces, the brackets on your Damon braces do not use elastics to hold the wire in place. Instead, the individual brackets have small latches. When held in place this way, the wire will not be subject to as much friction as the teeth move. This helps speed up the adjustments, largely cutting down treatment time. Also, the adjustments will occur more easily and will cause much less discomfort overall.

Smile with metal Damon braces

Damon Metal Braces

Appearance wise, Damon metal braces resemble traditional braces until you notice the latches. Not only do these latches make the actual adjustment process easier, but they also help us switch out wires in much less time. Damon brackets are more rounded compared to regular brackets, which helps them fit more comfortably in your mouth and reduces irritation against the gums and lips.

Smile with Damon clear 2 clear braces

Damon Clear2 Clear Braces

Damon Clear2 braces can be used to make the same changes as metal Damon braces, but they have one key difference. The brackets are tooth-colored, meaning they’re much less noticeable in your mouth. You’ll find that you’ll have an easier time smiling when you aren’t afraid of your braces drawing immediate attention.

How Are Damon
Braces Different?

Model smile with Damon braces compared to traditional orthodontics

Damon braces allow for a “less is more” approach to orthodontics. Less force is needed to move the teeth themselves, making the entire process much more comfortable in addition to being more efficient. The special brackets also help simplify the process as there is generally no need for expanders or extractions, which are sometimes required for regular braces (depending on your individual needs). The end result is typically having months removed from the overall treatment time.

Benefits of
Damon Braces

Smiling young girl with Damon Braces

Adults who aren’t looking forward to wearing braces will likely be happy to learn about the discreet ceramic bracket option for Damon braces as well as the increased comfort of the treatment. And if you’re getting Damon braces for your child, you’ll likely be pleased with all the time that they save you. In particular, the adjustment process is relatively simple, as all we need to do is open the latches and put the new wire in place. This is more convenient for adults with busy schedules, and children who have trouble sitting still for a long time will be pleased as well!

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