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InBrace Invisible Braces – Roswell, GA

The Orthodontics that No One Will Notice

Teen girl receiving InBrace invisible orthodontics treatment

You may have heard of the convenience of clear aligners as well as the reliability of traditional braces. With InBraces, you can get the best of both worlds. This bracket and wire system is virtually invisible in your mouth and will have little to no effect on your outward appearance while being reliable for orthodontic corrections. It also offers you a comfortable alternative that makes the orthodontic process much smoother. If you’re thinking that InBrace invisible orthodontics from our Roswell, GA team might be right for you, call us today.

Why Choose Pop Braces for InBrace Invisible Orthodontics?

  • Orthodontist with Almost a Decade of Experience
  • Patients of All Ages Welcome for Treatment
  • Dental Insurance Accepted, Interest-Free Financing

Behind the Scenes Teeth Straightening

Woman’s smile with lingual braces hidden behind teeth

InBraces use a revolutionary Smartwire hidden behind your teeth to gradually bring them into alignment. There are no noticeable wires, no not-quite-invisible trays, and no annoying monthly tightenings.

What Is InBrace?

Animated inbrace invisible braces treatment plan

The InBrace system was created by orthodontists and features Smartwire technology, which is based on advanced computer modeling and artificial intelligence. This unique treatment aims to move your teeth in a way that is fast, great for your oral health, and completely unnoticeable.

The InBrace system involves brackets and wires, but unlike traditional braces that are attached to the front of the teeth, they are instead placed inside the mouth facing the tongue. This makes them a type of lingual braces. No one will see them while you’re enjoying your favorite meal or laughing at a joke. But aesthetics isn’t the only benefit. InBrace uses Smartwire technology that gradually pushes the teeth into place with a minimal amount of force, meaning the treatment will be much more comfortable as a whole.

How InBrace Works

Using scanner to prepare patient for InBrace treatment

Here is an overview of how you can get started with treatment at your InBrace orthodontist in Roswell:

  1. First, we scan your teeth. We use an intraoral scanner to understand the placement of your teeth and personalize your InBrace Smartwire.
  2. Next, we work with the InBrace team to design your Smartwire. InBraces use Gentleforce technology and uses a wire design that is based on data we provide to the InBrace company.
  3. Finally, you get to enjoy your treatment. Your teeth will begin moving into their proper positions — sort of like they are on autopilot. You can smile from day one knowing that you won’t have to put up with painful monthly adjustments or periodic tray changes.

Benefits of InBrace Braces

Smiling man and woman after InBrace orthodontic treatment

We’ve already touched on many of the benefits that you can experience with InBraces, but here is a summary of how this system can make your life easier:

  • Invisible Orthodontic Treatment: InBrace is the next step up from clear aligners. Since the brackets and wires are all behind your teeth, no one will be able to see them at all, leaving you free to smile brightly in all kinds of situations without worrying about anyone noticing your appliance.
  • Convenience: InBrace allows you to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of a virtually unnoticeable appliance without the inconvenience of having to take a clear aligner out of your mouth during meals. Also, because of the way the wire is shaped, it’s still possible for you to brush and floss your teeth like you normally would, so you won’t have to make changes to your oral hygiene routine.
  • Precise Fit for Comfort: Thanks to modern technology and Dr. Podray-Donovan’s expertise, InBrace can be precisely designed for a highly comfortable fit. This also improves the overall effectiveness of the treatment so that the changes can be made in less time.

Candidates for InBrace Treatment

Closeup of smile with InBrace treatment

If you’re considered a good candidate for traditional braces, you’re likely to be able to get InBraces as well. It’s often offered to adults and older children who have cosmetic concerns about the brackets and wires of normal braces. We’ll need to carefully examine your mouth (or your child’s mouth) to determine whether InBrace is right for you. This can be done during a FREE consultation at Pop Braces. During your visit, other viable treatment options will be discussed as well. That way you can be sure that you have all the information you need to make the right decision!

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