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Traditional Orthodontics – Roswell, GA

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Young girl with traditional orthodontics smiling and hugging her mother

While at one point braces might have been your only choice for straightening your teeth, times have definitely changed. With so many different kinds of treatments available, we’re sure to fine one that’s suited for your unique situation. And with Inbrace hidden braces and self-ligating braces, your treatment could be completed far faster than you might think, and without leaving you feeling self-conscious about metal in your smile. Call us to learn more about the various paths towards a straighter smile by scheduling a free consultation to discuss traditional orthodontics in Roswell, GA.

Why Choose Pop Braces for Traditional Orthodontics?

  • Children, Teens, & Adults are All Welcome
  • Orthodontist with About a Decade of Experience
  • Insurance Accepted, 0% Interest Financing Available

Phase One Orthodontics

Little girl smiling after phase one orthodontics

While braces aren’t usually placed until the permanent teeth have all erupted, Phase One Orthodontics can be used to correct issues with the baby teeth. This could potentially prevent problems with the permanent teeth so that they come in straight to begin with. In other cases, it can help stop thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and other habits that can lead to orthodontic problems if they are not stopped early enough. Phase One Orthodontics can often dramatically reduce the time needed for braces in the future.

Learn More About Phase One Orthodontics

Metal Braces

Teen girl with traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces are still used today for good reason: they remain the best solution for the most severely crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth as well as badly misaligned bites. That isn’t to say the treatment hasn’t evolved over the years. The brackets and wires used during the treatment are all much smaller and more comfortable than the kind of braces you might have seen or worn as a child. And thanks to Propel, AcceleDent, and clear aligners, you likely won’t have to wear them nearly as long as you would have before.

Learn More About Traditional Braces


Closeup of smiles with custom wild smiles star shaped braces

With WildSmiles, getting braces has never been more fun for your child. Instead of using traditional (and boring) squares, we can offer brackets that come in a variety of shapes such as stars, hearts, diamonds, or even flowers and footballs. Your child can even combine brackets as they see fit. Despite the uniquely shaped brackets, the system is still the same as traditional braces, meaning you can use WildSmiles to make all the same corrections to your child’s mouth while also giving them something to be excited about during their first visit.


Woman with tooth colored braces with customizable brackets

No two teeth are exactly the same, so it stands to reason that orthodontic brackets should be customized based on each unique smile. After taking a digital impression of your mouth, Dr. Podray-Donovan can use state-of-the-art Insignia software to carefully design the wires and brackets that will be placed in your mouth. This will also give us a chance to figure out exactly where they should go in order to yield the best results. Not only does this accelerate the process of placing brackets, but it lowers the risk that your braces will need to be removed and replaced in the middle of treatment, meaning you can continue your journey towards a straight, beautiful smile uninterrupted.

Ceramic Braces

Woman with ceramic braces smiling

Ceramic braces are much like traditional ones. However, the brackets are made out of a clear ceramic material instead of metal. Also, the wires will be tooth-colored, meaning they’ll be hard for the uninformed viewer to notice. As a result, ceramic braces can still be used to correct the most severe alignment problems, but they’ll blend in much better with the teeth, so they won’t stand out as much. Patients of all ages can get ceramic braces, but they’re especially useful for teens and adults who don’t want to have to worry about their daily appearances.

Learn More About Ceramic Braces

Lingual Braces

Smile with lingual braces inside of teeth

Lingual braces are completely hidden from view whenever you smile. Instead of being attached to the front of the teeth like traditional braces are, they are placed on the backsides. This means no one will even realize you have braces at all; you’ll be able to maintain a completely normal appearance throughout your treatment. We’ll need to examine your mouth carefully before deciding whether lingual braces would be a good fit for you.


Young man with self litigating braces

Normally rubber bands called elastics are needed to hold the wires of your braces in place on the brackets. However, there is no need for elastics if you have self-ligating braces. Instead, the brackets themselves come with latches that go over the wires. This makes it easier for the wire to move smoothly against the brackets, making the treatment faster and more comfortable. It also cuts down on the time you need to spend in our orthodontic office since traditional adjustments won’t be required. Finally, self-ligating braces can potentially eliminate the need for expanders or extractions.

TADs (Temporary
Anchorage Devices)

Two patients smiling after temporary anchorage device treatment

There are adjustments that traditional braces simply cannot make by themselves, which is when a temporary anchorage device – called TAD for short – might be needed. This simply involves placing a small surgical screw in your jaw and placing an elastic band on it to attach it to one of your brackets. The additional force will push the tooth towards its desired position while the rest of the orthodontic treatment continues as originally planned.

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